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    The Colors learning software developed by WTC is a touch-screen kiosk based interactive intervention program. Individuals on the spectrum often experience discomfort with unpredictable social environments. However, they have relatively strong visual processing skills and a predilection towards electronic media, especially if the objects on the screen are moving. WebTeam has developed a patent-pending method and technology which suits these sensitivities and needs of individuals on the autism spectrum. The use of computerized intervention permits the development of skills in a highly standardized, predictable, and controlled environment, while allowing an individual to work at his or her own pace and ability level.

    The Colors Program employs a built-in camera that tracks and records facial and body movements of the student and correlates them to on-screen activities. The video recording of all the sessions delivered to students is stored in a secured server for expert evaluation. The purpose of data gathering is to ensure that every student receives training specific to their learning needs. The Colors Program lets users change different types of prompts (including voice, animation, picture, and text) with the click of a button. The program is structured to be modified to fit any curriculum in any language.

    In the Colors Program a personalized classroom program is developed according to each child’s Individualized Education Program (IEP). Their progress is analyzed on a weekly basis, and their goals are updated automatically. The intervention delivered at home with the parent or therapist is synchronized with the intervention taking place in the classroom. This solves a major problem of inconsistency that children face with intervention often being different at home and in the classroom.

    In 2014, the Colors Program was upgraded to WebTeam’s first ever platform, ColorsKit. Read about ColorsKit here.