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    Developed by WebTeam Corporation, iLearnNEarn is a robust and evidence-based Autism intervention model comprising an app series and individual app programs. The model is based on the Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) method of Autism intervention. All the apps under iLearnNEarn are categorically designed to facilitate special needs education both in schools and at homes. Each app is designated with an activity which can be assigned to the student depending on his/her IEP goals. The activities are vibrant, colorful and exciting enough to hold the attention of the student.

    After the grand success of iLearnNEarn series, WebTeam Corporation has developed another series called iLearnNEarn 2nd Generation – School and Adult Series, and Infant and Toddler. Let’s understand the two series one by one.

    iLearnNEarn2 Infant-Toddler and School Series


    iLearnNEarn2 for Special Infant & Toddler is a gaming model that will utilize touchscreen kiosks and mobile devices to deliver ABA based intervention to educate young children with Autism. The program is developed on the Infant and Toddler Curriculum developed by Eden Autism Services. It can be used by teachers and parents to reinforce what young learners are picking up from their one-on-one therapy sessions. Depending on IEP (Individualized Education Plan) goals, the activities in iLearnNEarn2 can be customized to help children with Autism learn faster. iLearnNEarn2 for Infant and Toddler with Autism is a structured and curriculum-based educational program. The program can be run on any iOS, Windows or Android device (desktop/tablet/smartphone), with or without internet connectivity.

    iLearnNEarn2 School and Adult Series


    iLearnNEarn 2nd Generation (aka iLearnNEarn2) app for School and Adult Series is a comprehensive educational intervention. It integrates Assessment, Program or Content Creation and Teaching in Single App.

    An Assessment can be used to establish learning goals of an adult student. You can quickly create Programs using various easy to use Program templates or can build Programs from scratch. A teacher can set up teaching Programs as per student’s learning needs either through Assessment section or directly. Programs can be created for any intervention method that you use for teaching. A Program using default template includes all tasks defined in Procedural steps. These tasks can be customized to suit learning needs, goals and preferences of a student. Multiple learning objects like Image, Audio, Video and interactive points can be used to create a Program.