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    Hello! I like what you do for Autism. A very few things done for Autism in France but with a lot of love …Jocelyne Boulain-cadiou

    Current Projects

    The Spectrum Careers

    It is a fact that companies must first care about their business bottom line and that every leader has corporate targets to meet. So it is not about what the company can do for people with autism – it is about what the autism community can do for the company.

    With these universal corporate truths in mind, two pioneers got together to launch a groundbreaking initiative that helps corporations get access to a pool of untapped talent.

    • Rangam Consultant Inc.
    • Autism Speaks

    The two leaders introduce a cutting-edge solution that not only helps meet corporate social responsibility initiatives but also strengthens the bottom line.

    Studies show that 87% of Americans would prefer to give their business to companies who hire disabled people while 92% view companies hiring people with disabilities more favorably than those that do not.

    • Disability Preference Metric 1
    • Disability Preference Metric 2

    People with disabilities are just as productive as their non-disabled peers, have low absenteeism rates, are creative and their employers see them as having a positive impact on retention and corporate culture. Not only do they follow company rules and have lower turnover rates but they also bring unique experiences that transform a work place.

    In the simplest form, The Spectrum Careers works as follows:

    win win gear
    • Along with requirements posted via traditional systems, suitable requirements are also posted through The Spectrum Careers
    • Experienced recruiters match suitable candidates registered on The Spectrum Careers to the posted jobs and forward candidates from traditional systems and The Spectrum Careers to the hiring manager
    • The best candidate gets hired for the position – a win-win for everyone


    Jannya is a mobile app that is being developed in consultation with the best minds in pediatrics and child development. New parents, guardians and pediatricians can use this app to track critical physical and mental growth of babies aged 2 months onward, while securely sharing their precious moments with friends and family.



    This collaborative project involves utilization of radio-frequency identification technology (RFID) to teach children in a tactile way, thereby bringing the learners back from the virtual to the real world. By triggering an interaction between RFID and smartphones and other mobile devices, the Hekxo app makes an attempt to restore the benefits of real-time education in a world dominated by virtual learning. The app integrates WebTeam’s patent-pending data collection technology geared towards changing the way special needs are managed in education and health care industries.

    • Hekxo
    • Hekxo

    Completed Projects

    Because of our expertise in developing educational gaming, we have received several opportunities to undertake similar projects. In 2010, WTC was contacted by the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (UMDNJ) to develop a touch-screen based health education games for their SATHI project and the New Jersey Aids Partnership Program.

    • project
    • project

    In 2011 WTC was also awarded a contract by Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey to design and develop an innovative way of teaching children healthy habits.