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    Hello! I like what you do for Autism. A very few things done for Autism in France but with a lot of love …Jocelyne Boulain-cadiou


    Committed to a Goal

    Almost one in every 50 individuals in the United States is diagnosed with Autism every year. Statisticians and experts agree that these figures can be grossly misleading because the number of cases has not actually increased much; it is only the quality of diagnosis that has improved considerably over the last decade or so, contributing to more number of cases being revealed. However, Autism still poses a very real challenge to parents, educators and experts worldwide. To make their task easier, we have set our eyes on developing structured and curriculum-based programs designed to tap into anyone’s potential. Our efforts are multifaceted, covering a wide range of areas including apps development, entrepreneurial ventures and various collaborative assignments with higher education institutes and universities, research facilities, industry leaders and special needs education experts.


    Being With the Force

    We have 50 people working full-time for the last 5 years developing technologies to increase efficiency in the way services such as education and healthcare are provided to both mainstream and special needs population globally. Our core competency is in the area of Autism intervention, where we have been working with special needs communities to develop touchscreen apps for individuals with Autism spectrum disorders, Aspergers syndrome and other similar neurodevelopmental conditions.

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    The Number Game

    Currently, there are over 150 Autism apps available on iStore, Google Play, NOOK, Kindle, and Samsung.

    Of the top 5 apps on Google Play Store’s 245 apps for Autism, 3 are developed by WebTeam. Starting from 4,000 sessions in January 2012, WebTeam delivered 146,416 sessions in January 2013.


    iLearnNEarn apps are delivering on an average 5,000 3 to 5 minute sessions daily or 280 hours of intervention; this is equivalent to 35 fulltime teachers working in a classroom at $45 per hour. Thus the value of intervention delivered daily to the children with Autism is $12,600 per day.


    WebTeam Corporation believes in making the best out of available technologies and creating new ones. In tune with this philosophy, we have developed our patent pending technology S.H.A.N.E.S.H. Colors that combines animation with content to create colorful learning games for infants and adults with autism. Special education becomes fun and easy to understand when the content is draped in kids’ spotless imagination. To this end, we have been working with high school students in New Jersey-New York area to develop app- and kiosk-based special education programs. This cardinal rule is at the heart of S.H.A.N.E.S.H. Colors.

    iLearnNEarn Mobile Apps

    In 2011, WTC began developing its iLearnNEarn Apple iOS and Android apps for mobile phones and tablets, and web based apps based on the activities of its Colors Program. It launched its first app January 2012 and now has over 100 both paid and free apps on Google Play and iTunes for teaching various skills and activities to children with Autism. WebTeam has just launched about 10 apps in Nook and in process of launching its apps in the Microsoft Store.

    In the last 6 months, a total 102,000 apps were downloaded from iTunes and Android each. The number of sessions delivered by iLearnNEarn app series has increased exponentially with total downloads exceeding 100,000.

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